Why Access Photoshop Tutorials

What is a person to do after he had purchased Photoshop but has absolutely no idea whatsoever about how to use it? Luckily, the Internet offers plenty of information for such situations, from free demo versions of paid Photoshop tutorials to the purchasing of CDs containing all one needs to know.

Photoshop tutorials are comprised of CDs containing different chapters. The first chapter of Photoshop tutorials is called the Interface and gives a brief description of Adobe Photoshop. It also explains how can users access the online help.

The first things you will get acquainted with are the different options of the file menu. After this, you will see how you can make use of the image window and of the hand and zoom tools. Photoshop tutorials include lessons referring to the proper use of the palette shortcuts and palette navigator. A novice will also benefit from the demonstrations of the use of preferences that are featured on this CD.

Other tools you will get familiarized with are: the lasso and marquee tools, the magnetic lasso, magic wand tool, crop tool, type tool, vector based shapes, airbrush, paint bucket and many more.

Through the Photoshop tutorials you will learn how to use the eraser in order to correct what needs correction, you will learn how to paint like an Impressionist with the brush and will master the clone tool. Various techniques can be performed in Photoshop. Some examples are: sharpen, sponge, smudge and blue, dodge and burn.

Image management is also taught through Photoshop tutorials. It is imperative to know how to size an image, how to make all the adjustments that are required, how to rotate and flip it so that you could work with the right type of canvas or image. The next chapters of the Photoshop tutorials will uncover even more special effects that Photoshop is capable of performing.

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