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What about some kick-butt wedding images that brides love.....

Maybe commercial photography is your passion,

Or, you love to shoot babies and kids...

Or maybe funky cool lighting, painterly, or off-camera flash is your gig....

And we haven't even touched on the family portraits, newborns, seniors, pets, marketing strategies....ALL for LESS than the cost of a cup of coffee A DAY, you can have access to some of the worlds best, leading edge, photoshop, photography techniques, photography marketing resources..and this is just the tip of the iceberg...keep reading...

Sign Up With the Inner Circle Forum and You Will Get Instant Access to Hundreds Of Kick-Butt, Street-Tested, from the trenches Tutorials and Digital Photography Success Tools.
Discover why this place could very well be the best place to improve your photography
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Member Highlight:
Ricky is a photographer who came to NoBS a mere 8 months ago with little more than 8 months of experience under his belt as a professional photographer. In that short amount of time, his work has grown by leaps and bounds. He has inspired many of us here with his artistry and with his quick rise and it is fair to say he accomplished this success with a lot of practice and help from the NoBS family. This is what Ricky had to say about his experience, "WOW! thanks guys.....Seriously I would never have done something like this if it wasnt for NOBS, all I know I owe it to you guys.... thanks for sharing so much......"

A few of Ricky's images:

"Rob, James,I reached a milestone in my business today and felt I had to share it with you. I hit $100,000 in sales today. I had my first client almost exactly one year ago, on November 30th.I owe you guys a huge part of my success. I absolutely could not have done this without NoBS. This has pretty much been my entire photographic education. The sharing and generosity on this forum are beyond incredible. So, once again I want to thank the two of you; for the forum, the Inferno,and of course, for the inspiration."
Judy C.

Could this place be like a 'Photography Convention'
on your computer?

There are not too many places where you can find this much information at your fingertips.
It's more like a BIG, GIANT SUPER-MEGA conference and online workshop.
And, if that ain't enough, read our insane guarantee.

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OK, What's Included In The
No Bs Inner Circle Photography Forum?

First off, this is more than just a forum
Way more. Sure, like many forums out there you'll get to post questions, images, comments and get to meet some great friends, but NoBs Photo Success Inner Circle Forum is more like a total resource center. You will have access to hundreds of high quality videos on shooting, posing, digital workflow tutorials, photoshop actions and lighting tutorials for the wedding and portrait photographer; the same stuff (and more!) that we teach in our live seminars. Designed to help you succeed fast! Think of the NoBsWorld Forum as attending an information rich, success enhancing, jam packed workshop, but without the hassles of travel. This feature alone is worth many times your membership investment.

"This is the best photography forum I have found out there. I was a mom just looking to get into photography to photograph my son, that was 2 years ago and because of the forum, I'm now opening a 3,500 sq foot retail studio space and going full-time. I'm living my dream job and I have to thank NoBs for guiding me in the right direction!!!"

Big Kahuna Digital Success System
We have updated and revised our milestone product, the one that started it all and it is available as a downloadable video for all members as part of your membership. Over 5 hours of digital photography techniques THAT ROCK! All yours when you join the No Bs Photo Success Inner Circle members forum.

Photoshop Actions
Our Photoshop Actions are renowned as real time savers and are designed to kick your images to a whole new level. Your membership includes every action from the No Bs Photo Success Digital Success System including the The Hodgysoft, Half Sepia, Skylight, Softlight, Contrasoft, Pastel, Mocha, NoBs Competition Mount, No BS Half Sepia, Quadtone Sepia, and the new No Bs XChrome. All yours, and bonus how-to success tutorials when you join and you will also get updates. All included in your membership.

"NoBs is by far the best forum for photographers I have seen ! Beginners and professionals alike, all stand to learn and benefit from the wealthof knowledge that can be found here. If you're not on there, you're just MISSING the opportunity of a lifetime, to become the photographer you were meant to be. The training is invaluable!"
Anthony Franklin

Lighting Tutorials
"The Ultimate Lighting Tutorial" is part of your membership. You will have instant access to the entire Ultimate Lighting Tutorial videos, almost two hours of no-nonsense studio tested lighting techniques AND monthly updates. All yours when you join our growing family of No Bs'ers......

You won't find more time-tested, from the trenches lighting tutorials anywhere else.

The Baby and Children Photography Success System
How to skyrocket your baby and child portrait business. Learn the secrets to marketing, posing and creating sessions that keep paying big profits, week after week, month after month, year after year...inlcuded in the Inner Circle membership. Read the full story here.

Photography Marketing Strategies
"How to grow your business from a "barely-making-ends-meet" studio to earning over $300,000.00 a year using breakthrough client attractions strategies and powerful business building tactics. All the marketing secrets you need, all included as part of your membership with the No Bs Photo Success Inner Circle membership.
Read the full story here.

Actual coverage from actual photoshoots
Do you want to see what goes on behind the scenes? Curious as to how some of those images were created and you would like to see EXACTLY how it's done? James and I are day-to-day photographers and we have real clients who hire us out. We hand pick several of these sessions every month and video tape them for in-depth viewing. Join No Bs World and you will see your photography improve just from these ideas alone. Hundreds of these insightful and revealing videos are available right now for you to instantly watch and learn from, faster than any other source, any text book or academia.

"This is one of the BEST photography resource sites out there! Best monthly investment any photographer can make!"
Mikhail Thomas

Videos of The Inferno By the Falls
We've held several three day workshops called The Inferno. These events are three days of intense photographic instruction for portrait, glamor and wedding photographers. The best part is we record the entire event and you can watch it in the forum. So far, there are three years of past inferno videos for you to devour.
That's over 60 HOURS of high quality presentations. With more to come.

Do you want answers? Remember what I said earlier?
Be passionate, and share it with everyone. That's what you get when you join this forum. Answers. Good ones! And if we can't answer 'em we won't let our egos get in the way (this forum is an ego-free zone by the way!) and try to sound like we know what we're talking about. We do our best to find where the answers are. There's a real good chance one of our moderators or members will know the answer to just about any question, including tough ones like: "What do women really want? What's the meaning of life? How many jelly beans in a barrel? How do you really make chocolate milk?..." and other probing questions.

"An excellent and complete resource from A to Z for photographers of every skill level. Membership is a must."

You will meet some great people at No Bs World. No worries about feeling like a newbie or someone who isn't an internationally re-known, hyped-up, corporate sponsored big wig. We're all family and our purpose is to grow as photographers, take better photographs, get paid more, learn more everyday and have access to some of the best information available online to keep your education steady and progressive.

Not only do we bring to you valuable and timely live webinars every month, often more, but we record them for easy access. These webinars are a real hit with the members. It's like going to a convention, watching a top notch presentation, while sitting at home in front of your computer. Missed one? No problems! Past webinars are all archived.

Moderators that ROCK!
Most forums have one or two moderators. Their job is designed to keep things on an even keel. Our moderators are different. Why? First off, we hand picked them and have a moderator for each forum. Is this important? Each moderator has a proven track record and is skilled in each category. They know what they are talking about. They do more than just keep things on an even keel. They maintain each forum so that the members get maximum benefit when they post questions, images or comments.

Forums that ROCK!
Our forums are unique as well. They were created with SUCCESS in mind. Your success. We've created topics and categories that most photographers find very interesting and helpful when it comes to image creation, photoshop strategies, insider information and sssoooooo much more.

Here's a quick list of the forum categories so far:
  • No Bs Forum- "Show us your guns" This forum is dedicated to telling other members what equipment we use in our day to day photography and running of our photograpy business. Learn from other pros what equipment works best and pick up tons of useful tips.
  • No Bs Forum- "Weddings" Of course. And all digital and with a twist of FREESTYLE. Just the way brides love it! Moderated by Judy C.
  • No Bs Forum- "Maternity, Babies and Children" Moderated by child and baby photographer, me Robert Provencher. Also known as "fineart". Post your baby or child portraits for fun, comments, feedback or ideas.
  • No Bs Forum- "Portraits" Moderated by the other No Bs founder, James Hodgins, also known as "hodgy". From families to glamor and all portraits in between.
  • No Bs Forum- "Website Whatyamacallit " Need a website, have a website, want a website or don't have a clue about websites, then this is the place for you. All the inner workings of HTML, ASP.Net, PHP,SQL, Paypal etc.
  • No Bs Forum- "No Bs Digital Shop Talk" Of course! This comes from the original forum and has proven to be one of the most popular places to hang out and talk anything and everything digital.
  • No Bs Forum- "What Would You Do?" This is WAY TOO COOL. One of James's bright ideas. (hey, he really hits a home run once in a while;). If you have a tough situation or are stuck in a dead-end problem and you need input, suggestions and some creative brainstorming, then this is the place.
  • No Bs Forum- "The Digital Rant" Here you can let off some steam and open up. This is the place. The rant is a holdover from the original forum and is one of the faves with members.
  • No Bs Forum- "No Bs Digital Album Discussion" Moderated by Tony DiFranco. Here you get to see some really outstanding layout ideas for wedding albums or post your own ideas. Share workfow strategies, labs to use, albums, layout software and all things related to digital wedding albums and album layouts.
  • No Bs Forum- "Marketing Emporium" Marketing is the heartbeat of all business, even us photogs. Let's get into it and talk marketing bull!
  • No Bs Forum- "The Lighting Auditorium" Where would we be without light? In the dark of course. Here you will be astounded by the vast pool of knowledge and strategies to do with one of the most basic yet often perplexing areas - lighting.
  • No Bs Forum- "No Bs Dangerous Downloads" This is the forum where you get to access all the tools, videos, actions, tutorials, portrait tutorials, on-the-job actual footage from actual shoots, the new and improved updated web version of the Big Kahuna, web version of the Ultimate Lighting Tutorial, on and on and on. This is not a forum for posting but strictly for downloading incredible information.
  • No Bs Forum- "The Photoshop Mechanic- Bill Guy's Photoshop 101 Class" Moderated by digital expert Bill Guy himself. This forum is loaded with photoshop strategies starting from square one. Combine this with your access to the downloadable version of the Big Kahuna and you have all you need to becoming a digital master. Never mind signing up for an expensive and time-consuming course at your local college. This is where you will find the real deal!
  • No Bs Forum- "They Love Me, They Love Me Not" Have your photographs critiqued by qualified experts. Wondering if your work is worthy of National or International praise? Have your images judged by the masters and see where they stand. This is a read only forum, but will help you learn and master the craft- as long as you can handle the HEAT!
  • No Bs Forum- "Digital Camera Shop Talk" Here you get to post questions and answers to do with all the major camera brands. No bull! Just the facts.
  • No Bs Forum- "Seniors" By popular demand this forum is dedicated to all things seniors (highschool graduates, not the senior of the citizen type).
  • No Bs Forum- "Webinars" This is where all the past webinars get posted so you can watch them again or watch the ones you missed.
And MANY MANY more.
Hundreds of valuable manuals, videos, audios,.......

All these forums combined are like one BIG, GIANT SUPER-MEGA conference and online workshop. INSTANT ACCESS, FREE UPDATES, GREAT FRIENDS.
No Bs World is your one stop for total wedding and portrait success.
You will not find more information crammed into one site anywhere else....

Wait, there's more........

Monthly Success Interview
Every month we interview someone in the photographic community. Someone famous, or not so famous, maybe other members, but definitely someone who has a lot to offer you and the other members. Someone with a proven track record and a success history, but mostly a willingness to share and teach other like minded photographers. Available as an audio file for ou to download and listen to anywhere, anytime.
Photo Gallery
Several great categories where members can post there images for other to see. Categories include members gallery, inspirational corner, babies, children, families, seniors,weddings, couples and more, including technical descriptions for many of the photographs.

Rob & James - thanks again for all the great stuff in the forum. I can't believe I have access to all this incredible learning. It would have taken me years to find or discover all what you guys teach (if at all). I can say that I have confidence I will be able to separate myself from the average Joe down here in Chicago after hanging out in the NoBS Forum.
I just had to print out the Digital Guide on our Canon color laser and have the guys in bindery putting a cover on it as I write this. The guide not only teaches me how to use PS2, but what to really do with it as a professional. I'll will use it as a training guide for my helper. What is so cool about what I am learning at NoBS is the removal of ignorance that is being spread around the digital community.Again, thanks for all the great products and over delivering. As you both know, the forum has over $1,000.00 worth of downloads for just the price of entry."
Rob Oresteen


Has James Hodgins completely lost it?!!

Guarantees this CRAZY are unheard of.

No Bs Photo Success Inner Circle Insane 30 DAY guarantee:

James says to me.... "Let's go FURTHER than anyone else."

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Okay, we DO believe in the No BS Forum SO MUCH,
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Sign up. Check us out, snoop around, watch the hours and hours of incredible and useful tutorials. Be totally inspired by what you see, who you meet, the ideas that'll pop into your head and make it swell like a hot air balloon. Do that, and if you are not 100% TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY anytime during the first 30 days we will give you your money back.
No embarassing excuses. No note from your parents or teacher required. Just send us an email with your name and you will get all your money back. It's that simple. We stand behind our product or you don't pay.
Founders Robert Provencher & James Hodgins

Try us out
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Okay, so what's it going to cost?

The cost to join No Bs World and have
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