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Designed to help you succeed fast! When you join the NoBs Photo Success Inc™ online photography forum, you get more than a forum….it’s a complete package all rolled into one amazing place….

This is what’s included in your membership….:

NO need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive workshops or marketing systems. It’s all here, including the entire Profitable Studio Success System AND The Wizard Of Light new and updated marketing manual for photographers….inside


Membership includes world class marketing on how to run, manage and grow a successful photography business. Three marketing manuals will start you off in the right direction, plus a whole lot of lean, mean marketing muscle machine. Includes access to the forum and all the other amazing members and super moderators (all working pros by the way).
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How I routinely make thousands of dollars shooting fairy portraits, often much more, using a proven success system for one of the hottest marketing promotions available to photographers…inside


Everyone knows when it comes to marketing any service or product in any business, it all starts with the core product.

With fairy portraits and fairy day promotions you have one of the easiest promotions that creates sessions and profits…but they must be done right.

I created an entire system dedicated solely on how to do such a promotion…over and over. We rely on this promotion in our studio and routinely pull in up to $10,000.00 in sales for a one day fairy promotion. Although our results are no guarantee (I have to say that for legal reasons- the end results are up to you…) I’ve created the tools for you. Includes access to the forum and all the other amazing members and super moderators (all working pros by the way).

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If you want to learn and discover the fastest way to create family portraits that clients love to buy and pose for, than this product is for you….and it’s yours when you join the party…inside


What I created is what I believe to be the most comprehensive guide to working with and posing families available on the market today.


The Profitable Studio Family Success system…….includes posing guides and manuals, how to videos, webinar replays and access to the forum and all the other amazing members and super moderators (all working pros by the way).

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Posing, photographing and marketing babies and children..a huge market that brings in a reliable and steady income month after month, year after year….


Discover how I created long term growth using high powered marketing strategies such as The Babies First Year, The Toddler Panel, Kreative Kids Klub….and hear from other top notch world known experts like Stephanie Robin and Heather Rivlin on posing and shooting newborn portraits…inside

Insider Secrets to shooting the digital storybook wedding and creating results that BRIDES LOVE – How to shoot, market and achieve outrageous success and profits– all revealed in an easy to follow, detailed, step-by-step system…all inside


A-Z everything you need to know to kick start your wedding photography business
or an older business that needs new traction and ideas to revamp and breath new life into their wedding business.

For the photographer who wants to learn how to shoot, pose, light, market and succeed in the niched and profitable market photographing high quality session that women love…inside


Creating, posing and lighting classy, elegant and vibrant boudoir images is much more than equipment and lighting. Includes presentations by world class boudoir photographer Judy Cormier and the entire Advanced Training Series by Chicago boudoir photographer Argentina Leyva. If you want boudoir photography secrets revealed, from posing, lighting to marketing….this is it.

I’ve always said it this way….Lighting is infinitely complex and ridiculously simple.
All at once.
It’s NOT something you simply pick up and learn. Like music, it takes some practice. Sometimes serious practice. Getting to a stage of mastery in photography lighting takes the right tools and techniques.


That’s where we come in. No Bs Photo Success is a goldmine of lighting strategies and tutorials, all from real paid sessions.

No academia. No nonsense. Just real information. And more added every month. All inside.

We put together some of the best ongoing content for our members…on going webinars, life three day presentations with the best of the best in the photography industry all giving their very best information on shooting, marketing and running a successful photography business…

Members enjoy some of the best web gatherings in the industry.


Family portraiture, wedding success, baby photography, print critiques, frontline webinar series (where we interview a successful member and photographer who shares their life, studio, success and challenges)….. and more…way more…check it out, here’s a ‘short list’ of what’s inside….(click on banner)

Our members…no egos, no primadonnas, no whiners, no cry babies….educational, inspirational and fine camaraderie with fellow photographers who are eager to grow in photography, in business and in life….


Here’s a typical email from one of our members. Click on the banner for more…“This is one of the best forums out there. The people on this site are incredible and very helpful – family really. They want you to succeed. And the tutorials, downloads from basic to the most advanced is absolutely the best anywhere. If you had to buy it all it would cost 100′s no 1,000′s of dollars. I have been on the forum for 4 months and still have not been through all of the information…”

Besides all the resources that you will have access to, you get to post, read other posts and share in the information. It’s like one great big convention….but it never stops.

Designed to help you succeed fast! Think of the NoBs World Forum as attending an information rich, success enhancing, jam packed workshop, but without the hassles of travel. This feature alone is worth many times your membership investment.

  • PhotoShop Tutorials From The Trenches- Master photoshop fast!
  • Photoshop Actions- Increase your photoshop skills with these No Bs Actions. Included in your membership.
  • Lighting Tutorials- Massive amounts of real working photographer lighting tutorials. No hype, no theory…just what works.
  • Actual coverage from actual photo shoots- Again, the real deal to help you see and understand how actual paid photo gigs are completed from A-Z.
  • Videos of The Inferno 3 Day Photographic Workshop- Hours and hours of top notch presentations from some of the best photographers in the industry revealing all their lighting, posing, marketing and shooting strategies.
  • Answers from top notch experts. Just ask. You’ll be amazed, as so many newcomers to NoBs World discovered, that we are knowledgeable, open AND helpful. Your questions are encouraged without fear of being put down and made a fool of.
  • Members. Only the best members in the world are found at NoBsPhotoSuccess Inc™…sincere, no-nonsense, no ego and no whiners…genuine help from genuine people.
  • Webinars- Whoa! Check out a quick list of some webinar replays HERE Plus, every month we run exclusive members only webinars.

No Bs Photo Success Inner Circle Insane 30 DAY guarantee:

Sign up. Check us out, snoop around, watch the hours and hours of incredible and useful tutorials. Be totally inspired by what you see, who you meet, the ideas that will pop into your head and make it swell like a hot air balloon. Do that, and if you are not 100% TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY anytime during the first 30 days we will give you your money back.


No embarrassing excuses. No note from your parents or teacher required. Just send us an email with your name and you will get all your money back. It’s that simple. We stand behind our product or you don’t pay.

Founders James Hodgins & Robert Provencher
Try us out…

If No Bs World doesn’t make you an incredible photographer, take you to new heights, show you ways to make more money than you ever thought imaginable, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

Okay, so what’s it going to cost?
The cost to join No Bs World and have instant access to ALL the information listed on this page is a mere $19.97 US* a month.

There is no way to justify not spending less than a dollar A DAY for what could be the most important education of your life. Your return on investment will be a thousand times OR MORE the cost to join.

Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM


No Bull! Still skeptical or have more questions? Send us an email

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