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Our system is brimming with easy digital workflow solutions and profit producing strategies for photographers, most of whom do not have money to waste, who need digital strategies that work TODAY and bring in income they can take to the bank tomorrow. Many are "outside-the-box" ideas that are unconventional - that is, you don't see them being used a lot.

The Digital Success Express Pack
This deal is for those who want it and


You get everything but the 5 hours on DVD in the Big Kahuna...and you get it right away.

  • The Digital Success Guide on a PDF file
    (but remember what I said earlier?.. if all you had was this information in this guide you would be well on your way to quick and easy digital mastery)
  • All the Photoshop actions with the Funky Layout Templates
  • FREE GIFT #1- 120 page "The Ultimate Posing Guide"
    Posing and Lighting Secrets That Create Sales, Are Fun and Always a Big Hit With Customers.
  • FREE GIFT #2: 85 page "The Ultimate Posing Guide For The FREESTYLE Wedding" The Hottest Look In Wedding Photography

    The Digital Success Express Pak is only
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Thank you for such an inspiring product. It took a few weeks to actually make the decision to purchase the NoBS Digital Bootcamp kit. Why? Actually, since I was already shooting digital and 'thought' I knew enough to continue with the usual learning curve, I didn't think it would benefit me. Since you guaranteed your product with a full refund, I took the plunge. Looking back, I didn't actually purchase the Bootcamp kit - I INVESTED in it! Your product is educational, inspiring and most importantly beneficial to my business. You guys have changed the way I present my wedding photography, portraits and my events. People see the layouts and seem to be compelled to purchase much more than they did before. I'm selling BIGGER prints and making more profit. People are buying scenes instead of one photo out of a particular scene. Basically, it is giving my customer base a wider selection that isn't available in my local area. I can ramble on for hours. However, I will just extend my thanks to you. Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibilities of Digital Photography.Warm wishes,..."

E. Kenneth Cox, Jr. PhotographerCandid Imagery -

"I've attended a few seminars, they haven't been a good hit for me. My major beef was the emphasis on the digital technology and the lack of emphasis on great photography! Bottom line- we are photographers first- the rest is gravy. Your images are beautiful and your application of digital technology really works. When I look at your images I see beautiful portrait photography and in the back of my mind I realize the digital that order. That's important!!"Mary Knopp
Randall Photography