Prom Portraits

“Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things,
but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave
their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.”

~Jim Rohn~

I shot my first Semi-Formal Prom the other day…..
and it feels kinda awkward for several reasons….my wive does not
want to do these, I do feel this is a completely different group for me, teens.
I am so used to dealing with adults or babies, or very small children,
this group I lack exposure to. 

And thirdly, this is my daughters high school. So, I am always
guarded about being too much in her face, in case
she’s ever weirded out about having me in her social setting.
(you know how 15 year olds can get, don’t you?)

But all was good. My daughters totally cool, turns out
I love working with this age group and my wive,
although not 100% sold on this, came along,
supported me, but she’s still standing on the sideline,
shouting: “show me the money!”.
One of the main reasons I wanted to be there
was to open the doors to not only being at the main event, the
year end prom, but mainly to have direct contact
with this group for senior portraits, which for us,
is a new market.
Makes sense to me, don’t you agree?
Plus the exposure, the possible family portraits and all
the other off shoot business that might result.
I say that with guarded apprehension since those reasons
just mentioned are not reason enough alone.
I want you to be clear on that. This has to be financially
feasible out of the gate and the other off shoot benefits
is mere gravy.Cool?
Now, I did turn to my associate and good friend James Hodgins,
for advice, since he has been photographing another local high school for several
years now. James, as you may know, is also the co-founder of No Bs Photo Success (TM).

James donated his digital file from his flyer that he created and let me modify it for
my own purposes. Here’s what I ended up with…..
The set up is shown below…. 

That backdrop is from Silver Lake Photo Accessories and is one of my faves. It
measures ten feet wide by 25 feet long, and it photographs beautifully.

Main light, upper left, is a shoot through. Light, portable, and it creates a soft,
portrait light. I love using this light source on location because it not only
works, but it’s easy to carry vs a large softbox. The difference between it
and a soft box is negligent, other than the fact the shoot through throws light
everywhere, which poses more ambient fill issues. That is easily dealt with.
Main light is output at 5.6 ISO 100, on a D7000 Nikon. Jpeg.
Off to the right is is a kicker light, and it outputs just a tad less than the main. And
you can see that backlight shooting up into the background. That’s it! No more
lights needed. No fill, no reflectors….nada. Only three. Oh, okay, there’s one
reflector, just below the main light, kicking in a tad more light into there faces,
and also added some extra specular highlights in their eyes.

The results…..some images from the shoot…I gave everyone two poses, with four
images to choose from.
I created a video but that is reserved for the No Bs Photo Success (TM). Members forum. Members only.
My plan now is to deliver the final images to the school, and place
a four page, 8.5″ x11″ color flyer, with a two page 8.5″ x11″ sales letter and 4″x6″ promotional card,  in with their orders.

yours in photography,

Robert Provencher

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